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Insolated Coffee/Tea mugs

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I have a new favorite mug, it's insolated and the size of a larger Camble soup can, think the kind that chunky soups come in. It has a plastic lid wiht drinking hole that has a sealable (not water tight) top and a little rubber stopper thingy that activates when any overflow happens. That has only happened to me once and after getting really hot coffee spirted out at me I learned just how much to actually fill the container, lol. It also has a non slip bottom and is 100% dishwasher safe. It's straight from top to bottom so no nooks or crannies that washing may miss. 


It stays warm for hours, typically 3, but it's even luke warm after 4 and drinkable too. This particular one was a gift, but I'm hunting for ones that we could decal  with the Peaces logo, or a saying or two.