One of the most frequent questions we encounter is how someone can more effectively support their friends, neighbors, and loved ones with disabilities. Although this topic may seem intimidating, we are pleased to say that real progress begins with a handful of simple actions. 1. Set Aside Your Assumptions. In order to learn, we must […]

Bootstrapping a Nonprofit: Reflections and Insights from a Cofounder’s Perspective Daniel Hodges President and Cofounder Peaces of Me Foundation   Introduction   I didn’t plan on starting a nonprofit while I was in law school. Keeping up with class assignments and managing my health was already demanding enough. There were accessibility barriers, chronic pain, and […]

5 Elements of Authentic Inclusion

At Peaces of Me Foundation, we dream of creating a world in which everyone can thrive. Although this goal is laudable, it is also a bit abstract. What would such a world look like, and how can we get there? These are questions that will take a series of articles in order to fully unpack. […]

Peaces Of Knowledge

For the People, By the People. Everyone has something to contribute. If you have been marginalized, or treated as though you are invisible, your voice is needed here. We all have a story. Share your unvarnished truth. No need to put a Disney spin on things in order to avoid that awkward moment when the […]