Mission Statement:

Peaces of Me works to eliminate stigma associated with disability, physical difference, and chronic illness by providing resources and connections to individuals/families and appropriate training to professionals in these spheres.

Vision Statement:

By providing resources and connections to individuals/families and appropriate training to professionals in these spheres, Peaces of Me believes that physical differences and disabilities do not define the worth or potential of any human being. Peaces of Me is dedicated to the diversity and strengthening the fabric of our collective experience. Our organization aspires to empower every individual and family by combatting the shame and stigma often associated with physical characteristics that fall outside of the perceived norm.

Value Statements:

  • Access is a fundamental human right.
  • Dignity must be preserved in all circumstances for all individuals.
  • People with disabilities are not broken.
  • Dialogue will erase misconceptions.
  • The nature of disability.
  • Defining Disability.
  • The basis of Hope.
  • Universal Benefit.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our leadership is comprised of individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds. Each of us brings an assortment of skills and talents to the table, and all of us believe in the brighter future that Peaces of Me aspires to create. We invite you to learn more about our team.

Our community provides a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and broaden the overall base of knowledge. We do this by assembling resources, insights, and other useful information. All of this information is utilized in a variety of manners in order to create and enhance understanding in a variety of settings.

How You Can Help:

Everyone has something to contribute. For those who have been marginalized, or treated as though you are invisible, your time and talents are needed here.

Everyone has a story. Share your unvarnished truth. No need to put a Disney spin on things in order to avoid that awkward moment when the outside world can’t take hearing about your reality. What’s really going on in your world? Please send us your story, we welcome all.

Highlight resources that have benefited you. This can be tips and tricks that you’ve picked up, or it can be organizations that have made an impact. We want to recognize organizations that don’t garner enough attention.

Volunteer your time and talents We are a community of volunteers, and we are always looking for people to contribute whatever skills they have to offer. This is especially true for those who feel like their ability to participate fully in the employment sector has been impacted by their circumstances. Interested? Check out our volunteer opportunities!

Donations. This appears at the bottom of the list because people will always come first in Peaces of Me. That said, we are a grass-roots non-profit organization with limited funding. If you have the means, and you feel like we bring value to you and/or the community, we welcome your monetary contributions. If you are so moved, contribute to our Go Fund Me campaign.